Welcome to the Store!


Here is where you can purchase a large variety of things that can improve your experience on our servers!




How to Purchase a Rank, Tag, ETC..

1. Click/Tap on the catagory of the item you would like to purchase, for example 'Ranks'.

2. Type in your username you use on the server(s)

3. Click/Tap on the 'Buy' button of the rank you would like to purchase.

4. Click/Tap 'Add to Cart'.

5. Input all the information required.

6. Click/Tap 'Purchase' to finish the purchase!

If you have any issues contact us on Twitter! @OwnagePEServer




More Information:

IP: OwnagePE.com

Twitter: @OwnagePEServer

Forums: Forums.OwnagePE.com

Owner: ManiakMCPE